Participant Experience


Past participants consistently report that this program has inspired and improved their clinical practice, thoroughly prepared them for the board examination, as well as reinforced and augmented their medical knowledge. Here are a few comments from recent attendees:




“I have found the current information related to ID, endocrine, cardiology and renal especially useful in my work.”


“I have updated my approach to neurologic exams; re-examined cholesterol control targets; changed my management of osteoporosis.”


“The thoroughness of this course and detail with experts teaching is unsurpassed!!”


“I have refocused on addressing DM, dyslipidemia, hypertension and obesity in my clinical practice."


“The updates provided on the current changes, not only occurring in the United States but throughout the world, have wide applications to my practice.”


"Whereas I previously struggled with end-of-life issues, this course has helped me improve my ability to address issues related to advance directives and end-of-life care with family.”


“Learning differing approaches to infectious disease and diabetic treatment has been particularly helpful.”


“The content of this course has helped me with every aspect of my practice.”


“I have updated my practices according to the new guidelines presented on screening, cholesterol, BP, DM.”


“This course is outstanding—there is nowhere else you get this.”


“I now avoid redundant testing and polypharmacy.”


“Having taken this course, I am confident that I am teaching my residents the latest information.”


“My colleagues and I have instituted some practice guidelines from this course in our free clinic.” 


“I have made clinical changes due to this course as per the latest guidelines in cardiology, lipids, diabetes and approach to the depressed patient—–just to name a few. After reviewing the syllabus, I find there is much more food for thought and implementation.”


“This has helped me in my communications with patients and also in patient education… about their disease process and available management.”


"The extensive timeliness and current nature of all the presentation data, and the depth of knowledge, were extraordinary."


“Since PPIs are not helping one of my young patients who is complaining of some pain/lump on swallowing, I now know what to look for/treat and can advocate better on his behalf since he is uninsured.”


“Several evidence-based management changes have emerged from this course—for example, managing HTN and dm in the frail elderly.”


“This course alerted me to my out-of-date decision making processes.”


“Before this course, I was unfamiliar with a number of new technologies that can help me and my patients. I have downloaded some new apps and have suggested some to patients that I had not previously. “


“This course was a wonderful overview and refresher to both consolidate what I did remember, and add new knowledge based on studies I had not read on my own. I appreciated the evidence-based approach. I will and already have incorporated some things I've learned in this course into my teaching and practice.”


“Clinical guidelines have come more clearly into focus and I have better strategies for employing them in practice.”


“The tips I got are too numerous to list, but to name one, I will make sure my patients clean their inhalers frequently.”


“The newer treatment options for managing diabetes and also for anticoagulation have been particularly helpful.”


“I will definitely use the tools provided for end-of-life care.”


“I was made aware of more therapeutic options for many diseases.”


“The ‘Take-Home Messages’ are a wonderful part of the curriculum—they reinforce key messages and enhance learning.”


“The basic science correlations with clinical presentations were exceptional and the correlation of the very latest in findings with what might appear on the boards was very helpful.”


“Such an excellent and thorough course.”


“I have expanded my consideration of alternate and novel therapies, and ways of looking at certain pathologies.”




“The Board Review was fantastic. I wouldn't change a thing.”


“These speakers managed to make complex topics understandable to non-specialists.” 


“I am so glad that I took this Board review course. Thanks to your teaching, books and course curriculum, I was able not only to pass the exam but to score quite high.”


“All of the Board Review practice sessions were instructive and led by people with true teaching ability.”


“Board Reviews always keep us honest.  This one was no exception.  Where it differs is its quality.  Plus it was fun to attend.”


“The review is a great way to examine distinctions between treatment options for different cancers. Spending time on why some options are wrong was every bit as informative as time spent covering the appropriate options.”


“A great Board Review. This is high-yield education.”


“These speakers managed to make complex topics understandable to non-specialists.” 


“You can trust this [program] to provide you with a very complete review.  It was indispensible to my exam preparation.”


“This information is useful in practice and for recertifying.”


“A whirlwind review that was so well presented. I feel confident it will help me now and later with practice.”


“You leave this course feeling good – confident that you know the lay of the land.”


“The presenters really nailed down concepts so that during the board practices, I was able to give correct answers to all questions.”


“The review questions helped to keep me on task and help to show how the information can be manipulated in a question.”


“The Board Review question sessions were exceptional.”


“The program’s lectures were exceptionally up to date with current literature and ABIM testing.”